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Mums for Memories™- You Are the Key to Success

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 Be a Friend to Someone with Dementia In 2023

AOS & Friends Care is a non-profit dedicated to serving direct care needs and supporting programs and events to benefit those affected by dementia in Moore and surrounding counties.   AOS & Friends Care: What can We do to help? was a concept that formed between Amy Natt (Aging Life Care Professional™) and John Barrett (Family Advocate) to fill an identified need in the community to support older and disabled adults, their caregivers and the greater community at large navigate the challenges of aging as well as the growing epidemic of those living with dementia and memory impairment in our society.

Our guiding motto is in honor of John’s wife, Mary Anne, who, even after she was diagnosed with Early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, continued to apply her lifelong mantra of asking, “What can I do to help?” AOS & Friends Care, Inc. was incorporated and approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit in 2015.

This year marks the 8th annual Mums for Memory™ fundraising event, the primary funding source for AOS and Friends Care. Mums for Memory™ provides the community with an opportunity to donate and help provide the resources and support these individuals and their families often need.  AOS & Friends Care provides a variety of free services to the community including direct care grants for home care and care management, personalized music players, robo companion pets, resources, and education.  To date, we have been able to provide these resources to over 115 individuals and families and 17 care facilities.

We symbolize this very important cause with a beautiful purple mum. Each donation made comes with a purple mum that can be dedicated in “honor” or “memory” of a friend, caregiver or loved one impacted by dementia. Purple is the designated color to represent Alzheimer’s awareness and community support. The prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in our community continues to grow as people live longer. People often ask what they can do to help? Supporting Mums for Memory ™ provides you an opportunity to be a friend to someone with dementia.

Helping is easy. We offer sponsorship opportunities and accept individual donations. Each $30 donation comes with a beautiful purple mum. Mum dedications and sponsorships are listed in our program as well as on a commemorative bookmark. All funds raised go to support our direct care grants, music players and robo companion pets.

Our annual Mums for Memory™ fundraiser is scheduled for October 12th.  Donations and sponsorships can be made now. The Mums will be available on October 12th at the Aging Outreach Services offices to be picked up curbside, delivered, or donated to a local facility. We offer three levels of event sponsorship, “Friend” “Advocate” and “Community Partner”. We appreciate your continued support for a cause very near and dear to our hearts.

For more information on sponsorship, or to make your donation, please download our event flyer or click to visit our Mums for Memory™ page.

Thank you from the AOS & Friends Care, Inc. Board of Directors

John Barrett | Mia Lorenz| Amy Natt | Sam Smith | Charli Thyne

AOS&FC Offers Grants

To learn more or download an application click here.

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