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Mums for Memories™ 2020You Were the Key to Success

AOSfcare Mums for Memory

Thanks to all sponsors, individual contributors, and volunteers for making the 2020 Mums for Memory™ such a success

Your generosity will greatly help AOS & Friends Care in providing a variety of free services to the community including direct care grants, personalized music players, robo companion pets, resources, and education.

We depend on you to allow us to continue this important work.
Thank you from the AOS & Friends Care, Inc. Board of Directors

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10 Reasons Why Music Works in Dementia Care

by Bev Foster, MA, BEd, BMus, ARCT, AMus
Music accompanies us on our journey and connects us to people, places and events in our lives. It is cross-coded into life passages and is a powerful stimulus for the brain, both emotionally and cognitively. When it comes to memory care — when semantics, comprehension, working memory and processing are getting muddled and lost — music reaches into places where neural activity still may be intact or least somewhat active.

See this video with Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil

Several reasons exist why music is a natural choice in supporting people living with dementia.

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