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Mums for Memories™- You Are the Key to Success

AOSfcare Mums for Memory

 Be a Friend to Someone with Dementia In 2020

Now, more than ever amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, individuals with dementia and their caregivers, need our support. Support groups have been unable to meet in person and respite care options have become very limited. We have seen an increase in the number of people who prefer to remain at home but require assistance to do so safely.  This year we want to honor those with dementia, as well as their caregivers and those workers providing care on the front lines.

AOS & Friends Care provides a variety of free services to the community including direct care grants, personalized music players, robo companion pets, resources, and education.  During the past five years, we have seen steady growth and been honored to give to those in our immediate community.

The almost 60 grants we have provided have been a valuable resource for many. Here are just a few kind words recipients have shared with us:

The grant awarded to my mom enabled us to bring her to The Retreat adult day program twice weekly. While she was there, we knew she was extremely well taken care of. Thank you again for all the care you provided to our mom.” Eleanor, daughter

“The direct care grant is truly a one of a kind opportunity for seniors in need who have minimal resources. It enables us to acquire top-notch services for those who may not have been able to afford it otherwise.” Jesse, Guardian

“The AOS and Friends Care grant allowed my husband to receive excellent care, while giving me much needed respite. We would not have been able to access care without the support of the grant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Marcia, caregiver

We are hosting our annual fundraiser, Mums for Memory™, on October 8th, but it will look a little different this year.  We will be partnering with Gully’s Garden Center to provide beautiful purple mums. These will be available at the Aging Outreach Offices to be picked up curbside, or delivered, or donated to a local facility.

The need for funds and community support is year-round.  So, we are asking for your help starting now.

Helping is easy. We offer sponsorship opportunities and accept individual donations. Each $25 donation comes with a beautiful purple mum. Mums may be dedicated “in honor” or “in memory” of someone that has experienced dementia, a caregiver or a front-line worker, caring for those with dementia. Social media posts, as well as our commemorative bookmark and event program will recognize each sponsor, and individual dedication.

For more information click to visit our Mums for Memory™ page.

This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we truly hope you will consider being a sponsor or making an individual donation.

Thank you from the AOS & Friends Care, Inc. Board of Directors

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10 Reasons Why Music Works in Dementia Care

by Bev Foster, MA, BEd, BMus, ARCT, AMus
Music accompanies us on our journey and connects us to people, places and events in our lives. It is cross-coded into life passages and is a powerful stimulus for the brain, both emotionally and cognitively. When it comes to memory care — when semantics, comprehension, working memory and processing are getting muddled and lost — music reaches into places where neural activity still may be intact or least somewhat active.

See this video with Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil

Several reasons exist why music is a natural choice in supporting people living with dementia.

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