A welcoming place for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, brain disorders and mild cognitive impairment and their family member or friend…

The Memory Cafe concept provides a social experience for those who have dementia and their family member.  A husband and wife can come by the café and socialize with other couples who are sharing a similar journey

-Amy Natt, President
AOS & Friends Care

We hope to restart the Cafe’s after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.


Memory Cafe Coffee CupThe Memory Cafe is a drop-in event and open to the community, providing a safe, understanding and compassionate environment to interact with others and enjoy a cup of coffee and great conversation.

Hosted by  . No registration required.

*Those with dementia must be accompanied by a family member or friend.

Upcoming Memory Cafe Date:
Currently suspended due to COVID-19

Need more information on the AOS & Friends Care Memory Cafe,  call 910-585-6757 or email info@aosfcare.org.