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Robo Companion Pets a Perfect Holiday Gift

We’ve given away more than 48 pets to individuals and facilities in the past three years, including several last December to caregivers who wanted one as a gift for a loved one with dementia. This December we are hoping that more pets find their way as gifts. Contact us at or 910-585-6757 to inquire about receiving one.

AOSFCare Pet DogAOSFCare Pet CatThose with dementia who had a pet earlier in life often seem to yearn for the comfort their dog or cat had provided, and sometimes verbally ask for a dog or cat, even if it is not by their pet’s name.

Read the post below to learn how we got started in giving away the pets.

AOS&FC Offers Personalized Music Players

It has always been universally understood that listening to one’s favorite music is enjoyable and can lift one’s mood. However, during the past few years we’ve come to better understand that therapeutic value music can have on those with dementia.

Music Player

AOS&FC offers a program which provides a player loaded with personalized songs for qualified individuals. Learn More About the Music Player

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