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Dedicated to Serving Direct Care Needs and Supporting Programs and Events for Those Affected by Dementia

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Mums for Memories™- You Are the Key to Success

AOSfcare Mums for Memory

 Be a Friend to Someone with Dementia In 2019

AOS & Friends Care provides a variety of free services to the community including direct care grants, personalized music players, robo companion pets, resources, and education. In addition, we host a bi-monthly Memory & Music Café, in partnership with The Retreat. This provides a safe social outing for an individual experiencing memory impairment and their loved one.

During the past three years, we have seen steady growth and been honored to give to those in our immediate community. We have provided 42 direct care grants, 12 music players and 46 robo companion pets (to individuals and facilities).

We need your help to continue this important work.

We are hosting our annual fundraiser, Mums for Memory™, on September 26, but you can help now.

Helping is easy. We offer sponsorship opportunities and accept individual donations. Each $25 donation comes with a beautiful purple mum, grown locally at Green Haven Plant Farm and a listing on our Memory Wall Banner “in honor” or “in memory” of someone that has been personally touched by a dementia or related condition. Mums can be picked up at our event or delivered.

For more information click here to visit our Mums for Memory™ page.

This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we truly hope you will consider being a sponsor or making an individual donation.

Thank you from the AOS & Friends Care, Inc. Board of Directors

John Barrett | Kathryn Doddridge | Mia Lorenz
Amy Natt | Sam Smith | Charli Thyne

AOS&FC Offers Personalized Music Players

It has always been universally understood that listening to one’s favorite music is enjoyable and can lift one’s mood. However, during the past few years we’ve come to better understand that therapeutic value music can have on those with dementia.

Music Player

AOS&FC offers a program which provides a player loaded with personalized songs for qualified individuals. Learn More About the Music Player

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